Physical Health in Nunavik

To facilitate the efforts under the IPQ for physical health, the activities offered are classed under eight categories of service continuums:

  • perinatality and women’s health;
  • pediatrics;
  • mental health (adult and child psychiatry);
  • chronic diseases, cancer and palliative care;
  • general services,
  • acute care;
  • specialized medicine (second and third line);
  • physical impairment and physical rehabilitation;
  • dentistry.

A continuum of services is composed of each of the steps necessary to the patient’s appropriate trajectory from the moment a health problem arises to its complete resolution or management. Committees on service continuums will be set up for each of the above.

Specific Objectives of Each Continuum

The objectives specific to each continuum committee are as follows:

  • Ensure complete monitoring of the patient from the moment the health problem arises to its complete resolution. For that purpose, the members of the various committees should:
    • establish the health and social profile of Nunavimmiut (short term);
    • take an inventory of the services offered in the region (short term);
    • develop and consolidate service agreements with the partners (medium term);
    • set up the committees on service continuums;
    • formulate recommendations for the board of directors (for each continuum) (medium term, initial recommendations (October 2016));
    • include a component to ensure respect for Inuit values and practices in the service offer;
    • bring services closer to the population by patriating a maximum of care to the North;
    • optimize the costs of interventions with the clients.


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